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Health Center :

Health Center Info.


Dr.Mirdula Kumari, Anant Lal Choudhary

Working Hour

10:30 Am - 5:00 PM


Opposite of University Department of Computer Application

The University Health Center is funded primarily by university. With few exceptions, we serve only students currently enrolled at the University of Tilka Manjhi Bhagalpur University. The Health Center does not provide excuses for students who miss class due to illness or injury.

Students with serious illness or significant disability can request that medical staff place a letter detailing the condition in their medical record for access by Academic Advising. Students who wish to request a withdrawal from a class or from the University need to follow the rules set forth by the University.

It is important for students to learn self-management of colds, flue, other minor illnesses and minor injuries. Most of these simple illnesses or injuries do not require medical attention. Legitimate reasons to stay home with viral illness include decreasing viral exposures to others in the university community and recuperation. Coping skills that are developed as an undergraduate will help students in graduate school and in the world of work. Health Center staff have no special knowledge, equipment or intuition which tells us how long the student needs to be out, or what impact the illness makes on the student. Illness varies greatly among individuals. Conversations between students and faculty should identify how the student can work around the illness to best continue their academic efforts and achievements.

The health tips and resources can help you get started, or continue on the road to a healthier life for yourself and your family.

All information provided on this site is general in nature. Please remember that information alone can't take the place of Health care or Human service. Do not completely rely upon the information provided on this site for Medical diagnosis or treatment. Please consult at Health Centre.

For Information / Emergency services please contact
Health Centre Reception Desk at
telephone No. 9934873798, 8292754529

Important Contacts in Emergency

Health Center Type/Specialist Contacts
Jawaharlal Nehru Medical college and Hospital Hospital (Government) xxxxxxxxxx
Bhagalpur Sadar Hospital Hospital (Government) (+91)-641-2422052, (+91)-641-2400098
Life Line Hospital (private) (+91)-641-2406022, (+91)-641-2300481
The Appolo Clinic Hospital (private) (+91)-641-2409548, (+91)-9934076200
Garab Nawaz (Dr. Arun kr. Agarwal) Hospital (private) (+91)-641-2422436
ARC Hospital Hospital (private) (+91)-641-2610001, (+91)-8757205555
Healing Touch (Dr. Sanjay Singh/ Dr. Partibha Singh) Hospital (private) (+91)-641-2400587
Dr. C.S. Shah Eye (+91)-641-2401234
Dr.Sanjay Sharma Eye xxxxxxxxxx
Dr.Santanu Kumar Ghosh General Physician (+91)- 9431213432
Dr.Rajeev Shina Physician/Gastilogist xxxxxxxxxx
Dr. Arun Kr. Shina Brain (+91)-641-2403709